SUNO Raises Awareness About New Admission Requirements

With minimum admission requirements becoming more stringent this fall at state regional universities, Southern University at New Orleans (SUNO) has intensified its efforts to get the word out to graduating high school students.

As approved by the Louisiana Board of Regents in April 2010 to take effect in Fall 2014, all four-year regional state universities, including SUNO, now require first-time freshmen to:

  • Graduate from high school with 19 credits in the Louisiana Core Four curriculum
  • Have a 2.0 or better overall high school GPA
  • Have a 2.0 or better Core 4 GPA OR an ACT Composite of at least 20
  • Have at least an 18 ACT English AND 19 ACT Math

For the past year, SUNO recruiters and administrators have been meeting with high school counselors and students to provide information regarding the new standards. With the summer session about two weeks away, they have taken the message to churches and community groups in the metropolitan area and nearby parishes to make sure students are prepared for the fall.


“We want students to know that if they don’t currently meet the Fall 2014 admission requirements, there are still options available,’’ said Leatrice Latimore, Assistant Vice  Chancellor of Enrollment Management. “For example, new freshmen may still qualify for summer admission and take college–prep English and Math courses. They also can begin their college careers on SUNO’s campus as a SUSLA Connect student.”


Through an agreement between SUNO and Southern University-Shreveport (SUSLA), a two-year community college, new freshmen admitted to SUSLA can take their classes while on the SUNO campus. They also are eligible to live in SUNO housing. After successfully completing 18 college-level hours, including freshman English and Math, they can seamlessly transfer to SUNO to complete their bachelor’s degrees.


“It is critical that we spread the word about the new admission requirements,” Latimore added.  “It is not too late for students to enroll under the new fall requirements, and there are options available for students who don’t currently meet them, but they must act now.”