Student Development

Josephine Okoronkwo


Mrs. Josephine Okoronkwo


Bashful Administration Building, Room 307




The Student Development Center (SDC) is a student-centered department that provides personalized “hi-touch” service to every student who visits either by appointment or as a walk-in. We facilitate growth, wellness and development of the entire student as he/she takes full advantage of his/her college experience.


SDC values the student, through our student-centered services, our partnership on student learning, our collaboration on student diversity and our emphasis on student strength. The mission of SDC is to provide intentionally designed multifaceted services in a safe and conducive environment that facilitates growth, wellness and development of the entire student.


SDC has four operational components. The Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) recognizes the importance of trust in a counseling relationship and stresses the divergent methods of understanding the subjective world of students using the wellness model. Individual and group counseling services are provided to students. In addition to helping students stabilize their presenting problem situation, this component guides students to achieve satisfactory academic progress.


The Community Service Learning (CSL) component emphasizes meaningful volunteer services that impact positively on students and assists students with completing the mandatory 60 hours of community service prior to graduation.


The International Student Services (ISS) component assists Southern University at New Orleans’ international community from approximately 15 countries. ISS is a regulatory compliance component that focuses on F-1/F-2 Student visa status relative to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Finally, the Consultation/Outreach/Special Services (COSS) component consists of “bridging the gap projects,” which include workshop series, the Counselors-on-Call project, classroom presentations, and consultations to campus student organizations, departments, faculty and staff.


The Center is staffed by a director, who also serves as a counselor, a full-time counselor, a service learning coordinator, a licensed part-time psychologist and an administrative assistant. Office hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Students requiring assistance beyond these hours should call for an appointment.