Center for Retention and Student Success

Leatrice LatimoreAssistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management

Bashful Administration Building, Room 146



We are here to ensure student success at Southern University at New Orleans. The Center for Retention & Student Success is designed to help students achieve the ultimate goal of obtaining a SUNO degree by providing resources and information via workshops to keep students on track. We urge every student to pay attention to both the University’s academic and retention calendars, and we strongly encourage students to follow the SUNO Retention & Student Success online resources. Retention is everyone’s business.

Mary Jackson

Retention Counselor



Ashley Ojo

Retention Counselor



Chandra Richardson

Retention Counselor



Tina Smith

Retention Counselor




All assignments are due at the beginning of class. Late assignments will not be accepted. All
assignments are expected to be neat, typed, and double spaced with 1 inch margins and 12.
Times New Roman font.


Campus Involvement

Each student is required to attend class weekly. During your weekly sessions, there will be guest




Each student will write a 1-page reflection paper for each in-class presenter. In each
reflection paper, the following questions should be addressed:

  1. Your understanding of why this speaker was chosen to present to you.
  2. Did witnessing this event assist with your transition to SUNO? Why or why not?
  3. If you had a choice, would you select this speaker in the future? Why or why not?



This assignment will challenge you by creating opportunities for student awareness and campus
involvement at SUNO. It is due at the beginning of the next class meeting. These assignments
will contribute 25% of your final grade.



Meeting with Your Academic Advisor

Each student will meet with his/her academic advisor during the weeks of November 1-24, 2010.
Each student will then need to submit a 2-3 page reflection/reaction paper outlining the

  1. Description of your experience, include both positive and constructive.
  2. Discuss your class choices and rationale for your schedule.
  3. Discuss decisions you are making or struggling to make concerning your major
  4. What resources are you using to help you with decision-making?

Find out if there are any special requirements to be admitted to a specific major or minor.


This assignment uniquely blends an opportunity for exploration of a major and minor within an
area of interest, as well as illustrating a possible connected career path, thus providing meaning
and purposes to academic experience, and blended with the opportunity to connect with a
professional staff member on campus. This assignment counts for 15% of your final grade.



Final Exam Reflection Paper

This is a 5 page typed paper examining your semester as a whole. Please address the following

  1. Discuss your personal involvement in the SUNO campus community? Are you involved,
    are you not involved and why not? Did attending campus events encourage your
  2. What specifically assisted you personally in your transition to the institution? What
    services or assistance could SUNO have provided you that would have helped make your
    transition easier?
  3. What are your academic and personal goals for the spring semester? For your sophomore
    year? Assistance you would like to identify as needing to achieve your goals?


This assignment is designed to bring together all the class components in a comprehensive
reflection piece. This final assignment contributes 25% of your final grade.




All course work will be graded on content, neatness, and timeliness. You should submit only
your best work. Take time to proofread and correct papers ahead of submission. Remember,
work you turn in is a reflection of you!


  • Class Participation 10%
  • Academic Advisement Assignment 15%
  • Class Attendance 25%
  • Final Reflection Paper 25%
  • 12 Weekly Assignments 25%
  • Total (Final Grade) 100%


The instructor reserves the right to make changes as necessary to this syllabus. If changes are
necessitated during the term of the course, the instructor will immediately notify students of
such changes both by individual email communication, posting both notification and nature of
change(s) on the course bulletin board in Blackboard, and by distribution in writing in class.



Class Rules

  1. Please be present and on time for each class. Any student entering class more than 10 minutes after attendance is taken will be considered absent for the day. More than 3 unexcused absences will result in a failing grade for the course!!!
  2. Please be prepared for class. Each student must come to class with adequate supplies and materials necessary for class participation.
  3. All cell phones must be turned OFF before entering class.
  4. Proper attire is required—NO caps, sunglasses, headscarves, do-rags, or house slippers worn during class. **Please be reminded that you are ladies and gentlemen. Please be respectful in your choice of attire—undergarments should be covered at all times. Remember that you are now practicing professionals—please govern yourselves accordingly!!
  5. No eating or drinking in class.
  6. Disruptive behavior will NOT be tolerated. Any such occurrences will result in you being
    asked to leave class immediately.