First Year Experience


Linda Tolbert-Mosley


Park Campus

Administration 218

(504) 286-5113


The purpose of the First Year Experience Center is to organize, develop, implement and supervise the academic experience for first year students to ensure a successful matriculation and timely graduation. The First Year Experience Center provides initiatives that focus on academic advisement, policies and procedures. The student’s academic needs are assessed and they are advised accordingly. The department provides counseling and tutorial support in order to meet the academic, personal and social needs of all first year students. The FYE staff monitors and track, particularly, those students that are “at-risk” (on probation) during their first year. Faculty also assists the FYE Center by providing a comprehensive instructional program in the basic skills areas of English and Math.


The First Year Experience staff also teaches the Freshmen Assembly and College Survival Skills Classes. The Assembly classes will encourage freshmen participation in seminars and workshops that will lead to their overall maturity and positive development into mainstream society. The College Survival Skills classes instruct students in areas inclusive of managing their academic affairs, time management and study skills etc.


Several initiatives in place to ensure a successful matriculation for our First Year students are:


  • Chancellor’s Welcome Reception
  • Declared Majors Advisement
  •  Undeclared Advisement
  • First Semester Freshmen Work Shop
  •  Second Semester Freshmen Workshop
  •  Early Alert Workshops & One on One Consultation
  • Freshmen Assembly & College Survival Skills Classes
  •   Mentoring and Tutorial Assistance Initiative
  • Tutorial Assistance
  • One on One Consultation
  • Learning Skills
  • Smart Start


With a Staff whose main goal is the successful matriculation of our first year students and a faculty and staff that works holistically, we prepare for a timely graduation and a future alumnus prepared for the challenges of life. We make certain every student know “YES WE CAN”.