Honda Awards SUNO a $4,000 Grant

2015 Honda Campus All-Star Challenge Team

2015 Honda Campus All-Star Challenge Team

The American Honda Motor Company recently awarded a $4,000 grant to Southern University at New Orleans (SUNO) to support the University’s Honda Campus All-Star team. 

During the annual national championship challenge in Torrance, Calif., various teams comprised of students from several historically black colleges and universities participate in academic competitions.  SUNO’s team won two awards at the 2015 event.  Coach Amelia Sellers was named Coach of the Year, and senior Jonah Leavell earned honors as the top scorer in the Louis Armstrong Division.

“SUNO thanks Honda for sponsoring this event for the past 25 years,” SUNO Chancellor Victor Ukpolo said. “It provides a unique opportunity for our students to demonstrate their knowledge and establish beneficial relationships. We look forward to continuing our partnership.”

SUNO’s Preliminary Fall Enrollment Shows a 6% Increase

Preliminary enrollment figures indicate that 2,836 students have enrolled for the 2015 fall semester. This represents a 6 percent increase from the 2,674 students who enrolled in fall 2014. Final enrollment figures will be released next month.

The 2,836 students include 215 new freshmen, a 48 percent increase from the fall 2014 figure of 145. With the addition of 206 students enrolled at SUNO in a joint-program with Southern University at Shreveport, a two-year university and fellow member institution within the Southern University System, more than 3,000 students are currently taking classes on both SUNO’s Park and Lake campuses.

“The current number of students enrolled bodes well for us to surpass last year’s overall total,” said Leatrice Latimore, SUNO’s assistant vice chancellor for enrollment management.  “We’re working hard to make sure their fees are paid. As for our new freshmen, we’re happy that more students are making SUNO their first choice to pursue higher education.”

Hurricane Preparedness Plan

Being prepared for emergencies can reduce the fear, panic, and inconvenience that surrounds a disaster. Students are encouraged to be ready to evacuate in the event New Orleans is threatened by a hurricane, by registering with SUNO’s Text Alert System. Email your home or cell phone numbers; and/or up to two email addresses to Please put Text Alert in the subject line.   

  • Create a plan in advance with family members on what to do, who to call or where to go, if you are told to evacuate. Contact Services for Students with Disabilities ( for updated information once you are settled. Students should choose several places to go. Reliable transportation should be considered. Keep telephone numbers of these destinations.
  • The University’s primary concern is safety in the event of a hurricane threat during school hours. Students are advised to adhere to instructions from Campus Police. Check for instructions regarding closure and re-opening.
  • For more information regarding hurricane evacuation by the city of New Orleans, please sign up for text alerts Anyone needing assisting, people with disabilities, evacuating can call the city hotline 311 or 504-658-2299. City officials are stressing the fact that there will be no shelters of last resort for mandated evacuations and the Smoothie King Arena will be an evacuation processing center to move residents without transportation to trains and buses at the Union Passenger station.
  • Safety experts recommend that your personal emergency plan include a printable contra-flow map (
  • Listen to NOAA Weather Radio, local radio or television stations for evacuation instructions.

Emergency Alert radio and TV stations for New Orleans area are WWL/870 AM or WLMG/101.9 FM

WWL TV- Channel 4;  WDSU TV –Channel 6; WVUE TV- Channel 26; WVUE TV- Channel 8; WLAE TV- Channel 32; WUPN TV- Channel 54, WYES TV- Channel 12.


Have an emergency disaster kit on hand:

  • Flashlight with extra batteries.
  • Portable, battery-operated radio and extra batteries.
  • First aid kit and manual.
  • Emergency food and water.
  • Non-electric can opener.
  • Essential medicines
  • Cash and credit cards
  • Sturdy shoes.
  • Books, flash drives, laptops and other school supplies.

Maintain a list of the following important items and store it with the emergency supplies. Give a copy to another family member and a friend.

Special equipment and supplies, e.g., hearing aid batteries

  • Current prescriptions names and dosages
  • Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of doctors and pharmacist.
  • Detailed information about the specifications of your medication regime.

Create a self-help network of relatives, friends or colleagues to assist in an emergency.

If you think you may need assistance in a disaster, discuss your disability with relatives, friends, and colleagues and ask for their help. For example, if you need help moving or require special arrangements to receive emergency messages, make a plan with friends. Make sure they know where you keep emergency supplies.

Many local emergency management offices maintain registers of people with disabilities so they can be located and assisted quickly in a disaster. City of New Orleans encourages special needs persons and students with disabilities to register with them by calling 311 or 504-658-2299.

Wearing medical alert tags or bracelets to identify your disability may help in case of an emergency.

Know the location and availability of more than one facility if you are dependent on a dialysis machine or other life-sustaining equipment or treatment.

If you have a severe speech, language, or hearing disability:

  • When you dial 9-1-1, tap space bar to indicate TDD call.
  • Store a writing pad and pencils to communicate with others.

SUNO to Host Behavioral Health Roundtable

Hurricane Katrina and the 2005 flooding created a catastrophic event that had serious mental health consequences for the people of the New Orleans and surrounding areas.  This traumatic impact is widespread on all those affected, but is particularly burdensome on low income and African American families resulting in unique mental health and disparity issues.  Repeated traumatic exposure also has critical impact on youth development.

These and other issues will be discussed during the Katrina10 Commemorative Behavioral Health Roundtable at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 20 in the Southern University at New Orleans (SUNO) Conference Center, 6400 Press Drive.

Cheryll Bowers-Stephens, the Louisiana Behavioral Health Director for Anthem Blue Cross, will be the roundtable keynote presenter. Ms. Bowers-Stephens is the former chief medical officer for AmeriHealth Caritas. She also served as assistant secretary for the Office of Mental Health during Hurricane Katrina, and as medial director for Infant, Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health and the Developmental Neuropsychiatry Programs.

The respondents will be as follows:

  • Gilda Armstrong-Butler, former director of Children’s Services for the Office of Behavioral Health
  • Almarie Ford, former cultural competence officer for the Office of Behavioral Health
  • Ronald McClain, leader of the Institute for Mental Hygiene, a children’s mental health foundation
  • Mary Ambrose, senior vice president of Community Impact at the United Way of Southeast Louisiana
  • Dr. Lisa Mims-Devezin, dean of the College of Arts & Sciences at  SUNO
  • Dr. Rebecca Chaisson, associate professor of Social Work at SUNO, will serve as moderator.


For information, call the SUNO School of Social Work at 504-286-5376.

SUNO Receives Funding to Replace Air-Handling Units

University Center for WEBThe Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget has approved funding for Southern University at New Orleans (SUNO) to replace the air-handling units on the second and third floors of the University Center.

The project, which has an estimated cost of $179,025, will include the demolition and replacement of chilled water air-conditioning/heating units on the second and third floor as well as the replacement of a direct expansion unit on the second floor.

The units on the second and third floor were not part of the first floor renovation project funded by FEMA.

Upon completion, this project will allow all student services offices to move into the University Center.

Ringing Bells Mark Start of ‘Katrina10 SUNO 59′

Ringing of the Bells for the WEB


Chancellor Victor Ukpolo rings the bell in front of the Bashful Administration Building to mark the start of “Katrina 10 SUNO 59,” the university’s 10-day commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

All of SUNO’s 11 buildings were inundated with water as the result of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The students, faculty and staff have planned several events to remember the loss, commemorate the restoration and celebrate the future, which includes new academic programs and the construction of four new buildings slated for the next three to five years.


Lt. Gen. Honoré to Deliver 4th Annual Welcome Address

Lt. Gen. Honore for WEB

Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré

Retired Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré will deliver his fourth annual keynote address to the young men enrolled in the Honoré Center for Undergraduate Achievement Saturday, Aug. 14 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the College of Business & Public Administration Lecture Hall on the campus of Southern University at New Orleans (SUNO).

The Honoré Center is a black male leadership development initiative of the Southern University System. Entering its fourth year, the pilot project named after Honoré recruits young men from New Orleans-area high schools to enter a highly structured program. It aims not only to increase the number of successful black male college graduates, but also requires each of them to spend at least two years as classroom teachers  in return for the substantial resources and support provided to them by the program.

Honoré students receive free campus housing and meal plans, their own computers and textbooks, plus tutoring and counseling provided by the program for up to five years to ensure their academic success and to bolster their life skills. The participants must adhere to a highly structured environment that includes codes of conduct and appearance, nightly curfews, mandatory tutoring, counseling and life skills sessions to better ensure their academic and personal success.

A program for students and parents will start at 11:30 am with the formal program starting at noon. In addition to keynote address, some of the cohort members will present personal reflections on their experience, plus the new students for the 2015-2016 academic year will have their first opportunity to recite the Honoré Pledge as part of being formally accepted into the program.

For information about Saturday’s event or the Honoré program, contact Honoré Center Director Warren Bell at 504-235-8706 or by e-mail at

Miss SUNO Named Official Host Ambassador for KATRINA10 Art Exhibit

Miss SUNO Myeisha Keith for WEBMyeisha Keith, Miss SUNO 2015-2016, has been named the official host ambassador for one of the city’s official Hurricane Katrina 10th anniversary commemoration events.

“THE MEDIA IGNORES US: A Human Art Exhibit” is scheduled  Saturday, Aug. 29 at the Crescent City Boxing Club, 3101 Erato St., New Orleans, LA 70125. The event will honor African American youth who have accomplished outstanding achievements since Hurricane Katrina. The art exhibit will explore the media’s reporting on African American youth and how it is affecting the renewal of the Greater New Orleans community.

The event will highlight African American youth who have made stellar accomplishments in business, community, sports, entertainment, the sciences, as well as those who have excelled academically and have overcome terminal illness.

Event details also are posted on Facebook at  For information, call 504-473-4602.

Buffalo Soldiers Began in New Orleans

Richard V. Keller Sr. for WEB

Richard V. Keller Sr., coordinator

The 9th Calvary Regiment of the Buffalo Soldiers began in New Orleans in 1866, according to panelists who presented the history of the soldiers at 5 p.m. Tuesday, July 28 in the College of Business & Public Administration Auditorium on SUNO’s Lake Campus.

“The 9th Calvary Buffalo Soldiers are Louisiana’s very own,” said John Anderson, president and co-founder of the 9th Calvary & 25th Infantry Buffalo Soldiers of Louisiana, but no one knows because the 9th Calvary did not have a historian like other regiments. “These guys became the best with inferior weapons.

John and Barbara Anderson for WEB

John and Barbara Anderson, co-founders of 9th Calvary & 25th Infantry of Louisiana

“Next year, we will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Buffalo Soldiers,” added Anderson, who also is a  SUNO graduate. “I would like for New Orleans to put something together to honor Louisiana history, New Orleans history. Let’s tell the world about this. This is our history. Don’t let another state take away our history. Let’s tell them something they need to know.”

Members of the audience added that the first Buffalo Soldiers enlisted at St. James American Methodist Episcopal Church, which was founded in 1844 and is located in Treme.

The Buffalo Soldiers Panel included Rhett Breerwood, a historian for the Louisiana National Guard; and Barbara M. Anderson, co-founder of the 9th Calvary & 25th Infantry Buffalo Soldiers of Louisiana. Richard V. Keller Sr., coordinated the event and Professor Charlie Johnson was the program concept designer.

The Center for African and African-American Studies presented the event.

Rhett Breerwood and John Anderson for WEB

Rhett Breerwood (left), a historian for the Louisiana National Guard; and John Anderson.



FEMA awards SUNO an additional $82 million in Disaster Recovery Grants

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Building

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Building

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has awarded Southern University at New Orleans (SUNO) an additional $82 million in disaster recovery grants, as announced by U.S. Congressman Cedric Richmond Thursday, July 23. The funding will allow SUNO to construct four new buildings—two on its Lake Campus and two on its Park Campus.


Millie Charles School of Social Work

Millie Charles School of Social Work

The two new Lake Campus buildings will be the Millie M. Charles School of Social Work Building and the Education Building. Ground-breaking will start with the School of Social Work within the next few months. 

The two new buildings on the Park Campus will replace the Clark Building, which already has been demolished, and the Multi-Purpose Building, which will be demolished at a later date. The two new facilities will be the Natural Sciences Building, and the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Building.

“Having this process conclude with the awarding of an additional $82 million in disaster

Education Building

Education Building

recovery grants and breaking ground soon on the first new building—the Millie M. Charles School of Social Work—is what we’ve worked towards for several years,” said SUNO Chancellor Victor Ukpolo. “The construction of these four new buildings bodes well for SUNO’s long term future, and will greatly aid our mission of providing higher education opportunities to students in our region and beyond.”

Natural Science Building

Natural Science Building