Broadcast Email Guidelines

The following guidelines outline the process and responsibilities of distribution of administrative email messages to members of the Southern University at New Orleans community.

Broadcast emails are to be utilized only in those circumstances where it deemed that no other communication method is either sufficient or appropriate.  This allows us to prevent “spamming” within the SUNO community and makes it much more likely to reach the intended parties.

Broadcast emails to all faculty, students and staff are centralized through the Office of Public Relations according to the criteria listed below.  In addition to messages that serve the University, the Office of Public Relations also serves as a facilitator for messages prepared for distribution by the Office of the Chancellor.

  • Emergency and crisis situations.
  • Weather-related closings and delays.
  • Crimes that may threaten public safety.
  • Deaths of faculty members, staff and students and memorials/funerals scheduled.
  • Significant changes in traffic, vehicular access and parking.
  • Situations of importance regarding University facilities.
  • Other pressing situations deemed necessary to communicate by the Vice Chancellor for Community Outreach/University Advancement (or designate).


To request such a message please click here and use “Broadcast Email” as your subject.