Visual Identity

Southern University at New Orleans maintains its visual identity through standardized logos and fonts.  Following these standards will help ensure that all facets of the university are consistent in their presentation of SUNO’s identity.

Marks and Logos

Master Logo
Spirit Mark
Athletic Mark
University Seal
University Word Mark

Proper use of All University Marks and Logos            

For information regarding how to properly use the university’s marks and logos, please refer to the University’s Communications Guidelines on the Public Relations page or contact the Office of Public Relations at 504.286.5341.




Professional standards dictate consistent use of typography or fonts across all campus communications.

Southern University at New Orleans utilizes two official fonts,Book Antiqua and Myriad:

  • Book Antiqua is best suited for projects that are more formal, as well as academic and education related projects.
  • Myriad is a neutral font that is both readable and contemporary.


If either of these fonts is unavailable to you, Garamond is an acceptable alternate to Book Antiqua and Arial may be used as an alternate to Myriad.