Official Logos

Southern University at New Orleans Official Logos


The SUNO logo consists of the primary acronym lettering beneath the written script.

Do not change the SUNO logo in any way.

Use only the official SUNO logo.


Logo clear space

Whenever you use the logo, it should be surrounded by enough clear space to ensure its visibility and impact.  No graphic elements of any kind should invade this zone.


Logo minimum size

The height of the logo should not be less than one-half inch in any application.


Color palette

Sunset Gold and Columbia Blue are the official colors of Southern University at New Orleans.

Logo color specifications

Print the logo in full color, black or white.  Do not apply any other colors.

For print usage:

RGB as percentage

  • Gold     R%=100, G%=97, B%=24.3%
  • Blue     R%=36.9, G%=58.4, B%=82.7

RGB as actual value, 8-Bit

  • Gold     R 255, G 248, B 62
  • Blue     R 94, G 149, B 211

RGB as actual value, 16-Bit

  • Gold R 65535, G 63736, B 15934
  • Blue R 24158, G 38293, B 54227