Print/Web Request Form

In the planning of events inside or outside of the SUNO campus, University Public Relations would like to emphasize the importance of involving PR at the outset of your planning.  Timelines for communication with media as well as development of collateral materials should be included as early as possible to help ensure the success of your event.


In order to ensure that projects are logged and completed in a timely fashion, University personnel requesting print or web project must complete a Marketing Project Request Form.  All projects can expect a minimum of three (3) days for completion unless otherwise notified.

  *Please be sure that any attachments are sent with the Job Title in the subject line.*


Per policy adopted in November of 2010 by the University we would like to remind you that all SUNO publications intended for off-campus audiences or wide distribution on campus will be reviewed by the Office of Community Outreach/University Advancement.  This policy applies to printed publications, including all handbooks and web pages.  It does not apply to professional papers, manuscripts or correspondence written by individual faculty and staff, nor to official accreditation reports and routine administrative documents.