Chancellor Ukpolo speaks out against kidnapping of Nigerian Girls

Chancellor Ukpolo w BringBackOurGirls Sign for WEBDr. Victor Ukpolo, chancellor of Southern University at New Orleans, issued the following statement regarding  the April 14 kidnapping of 276 Nigerian girls:

“On behalf of the students at Southern University at New Orleans, I join the world in the outrage being expressed about the abduction of these girls. As a native Nigerian and leader of a higher-learning institution in the United States, I personally condemn Boko Haram for committing this horrendous act.

“The group’s name means ‘Western education is sinful’ in the local Hausa language, and it opposes the education of women: two issues that are in direct conflict with everything I stand for.

“I implore the United States and other nations to do everything possible to rescue these girls and bring this terrorist group to justice.”