Applications for Honoré Center 2014 Class Now Accepted

Applications are now being accepted for admission into the Honoré Center for Undergraduate Student Achievement, a pilot project of Southern University created to develop the potential among disadvantaged African American males.  The program, now entering its 3rd year on the SUNO campus at New Orleans, was designed to address two important challenges, namely to increase the numbers of Black males entering and completing college, also to increase the number of Black males serving as classroom teachers in the urban communities they came from. Young men graduating in 2014 from high schools in the metropolitan area may apply to become members of its 3rd cohort of student starting in the Fall of 2014..  

Each candidate accepted as an Honoré scholar agrees that, in return for the investment of resources in his education he will spend at least two years as a classroom teacher employed at a school in the metropolitan area.

Candidates enter a structured, holistic program environment that also provides each Honoré cohort member with substantial resources and support for up to five years to help ensure his COLLEGIATE success including:

1) On-campus apartment

2) Personal computer

3) All required textbooks for up to 5 years

4) Campus meal plan

5) Monthly stipend to assist living expenses

6) Academic advisement, counseling and tutoring as needed

7) Enrichment activities including speaker series, field trips, etc.

Eligibility requirements for applicants include:

A. Family income level at or below federal poverty guidelines,
B. Composite ACT scores in the 14-19 range, and
C. High school GPA above 2.0 minimum.

To learn more about the Honoré Center for Undergraduate Achievement and its requirements, applicants may contact the office #504-286-5107. To download the 2014 Admissions brochure and application form online, visit: