Student Development Center

Ms. Josephine Okoronkwo, Director

The goal of the Student Development Center is to equip students with the necessary tools to complement classroom learning with outside classroom experience; provide educational, exceptional and engaging experiences in order for the students to achieve academic success and maintain a sense of wellness; and embrace growth and development even beyond Southern University at New Orleans.


“To provide intentionally designed multifaceted services in a safe and conducive environment that facilitates growth, wellness and development of the entire individual.”


SDC has four operational components:


  1. The Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) recognizes the importance of trust in a counseling relationship and stresses the divergent methods of understanding the subjective world of students using the wellness model.
  2. Community Service Learning (CSL) emphasizes meaningful volunteer services that impact positively on students.
  3. The International Student Services (ISS) component focuses on Southern University at New Orleans’ international community from approximately fifteen countries.
  4. The Consultation/Outreach/Special Services (COSS) component consists of “bridging the gap projects,” which include workshop series, counselors on call, Ask Ashley, classroom presentations, and consultations to campus student organizations, department, faculty and staff.