Strengthening The Administrative Management Infrastructure

This component consists of two sub-components that provide essential services to the university:
Records Management                      Mr. Edmond Cummings, Director
Editorial Graphics Offices                Mrs. Gloria B. Moultrie, Director


The purpose of the Records Management office is to develop and implement a computer-based solution that allows for the scanning and archiving of an array of documents across a number of campus departments.  This imaging solution provides an electronic campus-wide document management system.  Participating departments have access to an electronic database from which users are able to retrieve print records.  This database contains student academic records, accounts payables, accounts receivables, administrative reports, annual fiscal reports, contract and agreements, personnel records, student financial records and various other documents.


The primary purpose of the Editorial Graphics unit is to render quality computerized graphics layout and design services to include word processing, typesetting and art related work campus-wide.  The Graphics office produces documents for promotional, advertisement and recruitment purposes that enhance the image of the university.


The Editorial Graphics Office is also responsible for coordinating university-wide efforts of the computer graphics unit with other internal work unit to include academic areas, the electronic digital specialists, and the satellite telecommunications office, and other administrative departments in order to meet or resolve complex and abstract communications and information management needs or problems.  In additions, the Editorial Graphics unit strives to furnish quality artwork and designs university-wide; to maintain an effective working relationship with all departments and with the students as well.   The Graphics office provides the highest possible level of useful, timely and responsive service as necessary to achieve the goals and objectives of the university.

Other responsibilities include development of project, which includes updating existing marketing materials, file maintenance, text edits, image touch-ups and maintaining web files.  This office displays effective project management and masters required technology in order to produce outstanding design solutions.