Strengthening Research Capabilities

Dr. William R. Belisle, Director

The Strengthening Institutional Research Capabilities component serves as the centralized unit for providing pre-award support services for grants, sponsored research and contracts:


  1. Fosters, supports and expands the University’s research activities;
  2. Develops the processes and facilities that strengthen and expand research at the University;
  3. Stimulates a collegial, intellectual environment;
  4. Leads research grants and contracts activities;
  5. Promotes the continued development of academic and research programs;
  6. Strengthens relationships with the professional community and outside agencies;
  7. Works productively with the academic deans, faculty, staff and students of the University;
  8. Assists in obtaining information and forms related to proposal preparation and submission;
  9. Assists in the development of budgets for grant and contract proposals;
  10. Assists with the internal proposal routing and approval process;
  11. Provides the PI/PD with the applicable regulations, policies and procedures pertaining to the administration of sponsored projects.