Satellite Telecommunication Network Interface/Distance Learning

Mr. Michael Meehan, Coordinator

The overall purpose and goals of the Satellite Telecommunications Network Interface / Distance Learning component of Title III is to receive, produce, disseminate and enhance the telecommunications/audio visual capacity of Southern University at New Orleans in support of the University’s academic, cultural and professional programs. The goals are as follows:


  1. To participate in the receiving and sending of programming and broadcasting within the Historically Black College and University Network.
  2. To utilize the telecommunications technology to enhance SUNO’s curricular, cultural, and faculty development offerings.
  3. To utilize the telecommunications technology to increase student enrollment, especially through telecourse offerings.
  4. To cultivate effective and creative working relations with the local consortium colleges and public broadcast networks.
  5. To maintain and expand (where possible) all satellite telecommunications equipment for optimal productivity. 6.  To move toward being an uplink as well as a downlink facility.