Library Academic Research Infrastructure Redesign

Mrs. Shatiqua Mosby-Wilson

The library’s mission is to support the curricular and research needs of the university community through the development of pertinent collections and the provision of services designed to facilitate access to information.  Hurricane Katrina and its aftereffects destroyed the library collection; rendered the building itself unusable pending complete renovation and purification of the structure, and have severely affected the ability of the staff to provide the services necessary to fulfill the university’s missions.


The goals of Enhancing the Library Academic Research Infrastructure component are to redesign and rebuild collections and services to support the university and library missions in a post-Katrina reality.  Under Title III, this project focuses on the building of a highly selective core collection of physical resources, the development of a more comprehensive virtual library and the bibliographic instruction and support need by a university community which is increasingly composed o distant education internet-only students and  faculty.