Honors Program

Mr. Wesley T. Bishop, Director

The purpose of the establishment of the Honors Program is to provide adequate resources that serve as an umbrella organizational structure that encourages excellence in the undergraduate curriculum at SUNO.  The development of honors versions of core curriculum courses sections allows a greater number of students to participate in Honors Program that complements the current curriculum with a set of parallel courses that exemplify rigor.  The program provides administrative leadership across programs at SUNO to promote honors education and serve as a central unit to collect and report progress on honors education.


The primary motivations for the establishment of an Honors Program are to:


1.      Recruit stronger students;

2.      Improve the quality of honors educational opportunities;

3.      Raise the profile of honors education within their institution


The Honors Program is committed t courses that are carefully developed and sequenced, not only in terms of skill development but also in terms of integration with other programs.  Honors courses sections build from and into other courses in the University, while also contributing to integrative learning in all majors.  In addition, the Honors Program is committed to an education characterized by active engagement within small classes whose size facilitates applied learning, open dialogue, and shared inquiry.


SUNO’s HonorsProgram is committed to the development of a love of life-long learning, a respect for inclusiveness; and a critical, reflective dedication to civic engagement.  The program promotes academic goals and values by sustaining a community of learning in which co-curricular events and activities, peer and academic advising, and participation in the governance of the program play important roles in the educational experience of students.  Most importantly, the Honors Program strives to develop a love of inquiry, engagement, and education that stems from and goes well beyond the acquisition of specific knowledge.