Center for Planning, Research, and Evaluation

Ms. Ada Kwanbunbumpen, Coordinator

Southern University at New Orleans was among the first institutions in the State, and first in the Southern University System to commit to continuous quality improvement by establishing an office designated for this purpose.  That office is now the Center for Planning, Research and Evaluation.


The central purpose of the Center is to provide the processes through which the Institution can find answers to questions it considers important in promoting institutional effectiveness; to provide evidence of congruence between the Institution’s stated mission, goals and objectives and the actual outcomes of its programs and services; to document institutional programmatic and course level success in achieving its stated goals and objectives; and to give early warning of areas that may require institutional attention for redirection.  Its functions are processes that begin with the questions of decision makers.  The data gathered and interpreted are meant to inform and guide continuous and holistic quality improvement in the educational environment.