Center for Comprehensive Communication

Ms. Mona Lisa W. Anderson, Director

The Center for Comprehensive Communication (CCC) is an innovative project that helps socio-economically disadvantaged students succeed in their post secondary educational endeavors. In recent years there has been great concern among business and industry leaders, along with educators, about the weak communication skills of college graduates. Their complaints center around the inability of students to think critically.


As a result, Southern University at New Orleans is committed through its mission statement to prepare students to compete globally in their respective professions and to engage in advanced study in graduate and professional schools. Therefore, the university embraces projects like the Center for Comprehensive Communication that are designed to enhance higher education teacher effectiveness while helping students polish key communication skills to higher levels of mastery as well as to ensure students’ success on professional examinations for graduate and professional school and/or employment, and increasing retention.


The Center for Comprehensive Communication’s main focus is to prepare undergraduate candidates to meet or exceed national standards for performance in reading, written communication, mathematics, critical thinking, and technology. The Center for Comprehensive Communication’s staff provide services to all Southern University at New Orleans students and faculty, regardless of their areas of concentration.  The Center for Comprehensive Communication ensures a staff that is student friendly and provide students the assistance needed to complete degrees in a timely way. The project offers full semester sessions in which students receive direct-instruction and computer-assisted instruction while helping them expand their intellectual levels.