Welcome to the College of Education & Humand Development at Southern University at New Orleans and our NCATE website. The College of Education & Human Development (COE/HD) supports the University’s mission to provide quality education to the residents of metropolitan New Orleans. Students entering the College are typically undergraduates seeking initial teacher certification or individuals holding a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution who are seeking teacher certification through alternative programs. SUNO’s College of Education & Humand Development has two programs which prepare candidates for teacher certification through the Louisiana Department of Education: Elementary Education (Grades 1-5) and Early Childhood Education (Grades PK-3).  The College also offers a non-certification program focused on early childhood education, Child Development and Family Studies, CDFS.

The COE/HD’s programs integrate recent research, theory, and best practice. They are designed to meet the educational needs of school districts, and they are coordinated with other academic departments, local and state educational agencies, and professional and learned societies. The programs provide a curriculum based on the theme of “Reflective Practitioners for Global Environments”.  This theme is actualized through the following five principles: instructional leaders, continuous assessors, astute technologists, reflective professionals, and advocates for diversity and collaboration.

The COE/HD’s  Programs build upon a strong knowledge base emerging from courses in general education, knowledge of the learner and learning environments, teaching methodology and teaching experience.   By developing professional knowledge and providing opportunities for application of that knowledge in diverse school settings, students have the opportunity to integrate content knowledge, and professional knowledge with professional practice. All students are challenged to make appropriate decisions in a variety of educational situations and, by program’s end, be prepared to become reflective practitioners for global environments.