Marilyn Manuel


Park Campus

Bashful Administration Building, Room 311

(504) 286-5020 Main


Gwendolyn Craft

Operational Officer


Purchasing develops and implements sound procurement practices in accordance with the Executive Policies and Legislative mandates by the State of Louisiana and Office of State Purchasing. Our responsibility to the University and its vendors are to promote quality and timely services and to simplify the purchasing process whenever possible.


  • Purchasing provides the appropriate products and services and to meet the quality requirements in the requested quantity, at the same time and place necessary to support the University’s mission.
  • The Purchasing Office was an intricate part of the Business Office when the University opened its doors in fiscal year 1959.  Over the years, it has moved to be an independent unit with specific duties and responsibilities. Making certain that departments, programs and units have what is needed to get the job done is of utmost importance to this unit.



The goals of the Purchasing Office are to render both internal and external quality support to all units of the University full and complete production of its final product.  The principle challenge is to insure that vendors in assigned commodities meet the high standards that are required.  This must be provided effectively, timely with efficient procurement services to obtaining materials, supplies, goods and contractual services campus wide.  To accomplish the procurement of these goods and services the following operations occur:


    1. Recognition of need
    2. Description of the need and amount of the article or commodity desire
    3. Determination of sources of supply
    4. Determination of price and terms
    5. Preparation of the requisition
    6. Preparation of the purchases order after the result of the procurement process has been satisfied
    7. Do a follow-up on and/or expediting the order
    8. Maintenance of records


The above steps will enable the purchasing department to achieve its goals.


Function and Operational Procedures of the Unit

  • The Purchasing Office is a support unit of Southern University at New Orleans that reports to the Vice Chancellor for Administration & Finance.  This unit is guided by laws, rules and regulations established by the State and Federal Governments, the Southern University System and the University. Policies and procedures governing the purchasing function are published both formally and informally. Procedures that are to be followed by the purchasing unit and the unit being served are detailed in a formal document.


Purchase of Computers, Computer-Related Items and Software

  • Technology purchases, including software, computers and computer-related equipment or technology services for the University shall be reviewed by the Information Technology (IT). This process will ensure all appropriate technology policies and standards are considered for any technology purchase and will assess the technology’s compatibility with the campus technical infrastructure.


Unauthorized Purchases

  • The Transaction Authority Policy clarifies the delegation of authority to individuals employed by Southern University at New Orleans to commit to transactions and obligations with outside parties on the University’s behalf. The Purchasing Department has the authority to enter into purchase agreements for the procurement of goods and services. Individual faculty and staff members are not authorized to enter into agreements on behalf of the University, or to bind the University in any manner for goods and services purchases. Louisiana law provides that individuals who do not have delegated authority, and who enter into unauthorized agreements, may be held personally responsible for the cost of the goods or services purchased.


Personal Purchases

  • A Southern University at New Orleans purchase order and the University’s tax exempt number cannot be used legitimately for personal purchases.  Inappropriate use of SUNO’s tax exempt number could jeopardize the university’s tax exempt status.


Purchasing Requisition

What is a Requisition?

  • A requisition is a request that comes to the Purchasing Department by way of a typed written requisition form that instructs the Purchasing Department to purchase a product or service for a particular department.


Where do I obtain a Requisition Form?

  • Requisition forms may be obtained through the Purchasing Department located in the Bashful Administration Building, Room 313.


What information is needed on my requisition?

  • Any requisition issued must contain the following information at a minimum:
  • Your department name, room number, phone number
  • Date of requisition and date wanted
  • Item name and /or description –brand, model, or any other identifying information
  • Quantity needed
  • Expected due date
  • Price(s)
  • Suggested supplier (vendor’s name, address, phone and fax number)
  • Budget account number and
  • All signatures that are required


Requesting Items from Central Stores:
Departments desiring items stocked in Central Stores will prepare a Departmental Invoice Form.  Information needed to complete this form are price and description, obtained from the Central Stores, which is located in the Maintenance Building.


Purchasing Forms:

  • Requisitions
  • Purchase Order