In the Community


Southern University at New Orleans takes great pride in its dedication to community service. The School of Social Work actively engages in community building not by producing top-notch graduates but also through academic study and research.



The Community Resource Center (CRC) of the School of Social Work, established in 1989, serves as a vital mechanism for embodying the themes of the School of Social Work: Advocacy, Empowerment and Transformation. It is the continuing education (CE)component of the School of Social Work. The goal of CRC is to provide  ongoing education and professional development for social workers and human service professionals. It is dedicated to providing lifelong learning opportunities for practicing social workers and related human service professionals that will inform participants and challenge them to integrate new learning into their daily practice.
CRC serves the educational needs of human service professionals by providing workshops,  conferences, certifications that address critical issues facing practitioners and their clients. The offerings help social workers stay current with new developments in the field and upgrade their skills. Some of the topics are forensic social work, grant-writing, child trauma, supervision and consultation, family violence, mental health issues of legal commitment, parenting skills and challenges, children of color with AIDS, The focus of the workshops and conferences are social work specific but are open to the public. Each workshop brings together specialists in the field who blend research and practice in providing the participants with topical understanding, skill building, and resource access.
The School of Social Work is an authorized State of Louisiana provider of CE for social workers. All continuing education offerings are located on the campus of  SUNO or in sites convenient to the practitioners. Organizations interested in offering CE(s) to social work participants attending your workshop and/or conference can contact the social work office (504) 286-5376 for additional information. Contact the social work office for information regarding providing training to your staff on –site.



An initiative designed to unite communities throughout the New Orleans metropolitan area by focusing on conflict resolution, social justice and productive dialogue.