Graduate Studies

As a result of the implementation of the Higher Education Desegregation Settlement Agreement, Southern University at New Orleans has implemented four new graduate programs in addition to the Master of Social Work (MSW) program that has been fully operational for over fifteen years.  The Master of Social Work program currently has 300 students enrolled and awards more than 100 MSW degrees each year.  Of the new programs, the Master of Criminal Justice program began offering classes Fall, 1996.

The Master of Computer Information Systems began offering classes in the Fall, 1997 and was fully approved by the Louisiana Board of Regents to begin offering courses as of the Fall, 1999 semester along with the Master of Arts in Urban Education Program. The fifth graduate program, Museum Studies, obtained its initial approval and began offering classes in the Fall, 2002.

The University established the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) to coordinate and support all graduate degree programs. The School of the Graduate Studies is under the general supervision of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and is administered by the Dean of Graduate Studies.  Under the direction of the Graduate Dean, this office is responsible for the creation, monitoring, and continued improvement of all graduate programs and their curricula. It also assists with the establishment of graduate level policies, keeping records, budget management, faculty and student recruitment, processing applications to the various graduate studies programs, and providing support and professional development services for the individual graduate programs. The Graduate Dean is additionally responsible for overseeing the accreditation process of all graduate programs.

The School of Graduate Studies has developed the policies and procedures contained in this document as a means of standardizing and institutionalizing its daily operations and services to students.  The policies are in accordance with the power vested in the SGS through the legislative authority which emanates from those policies set by the Southern University System, of which SUNO is a member campus.

These policies and procedures are consistent with those national standards which are set by such scholarly organizations as the National Council of Graduate Schools. Such policies are intended to guide the administration of the program, as well as all actions and decisions that result, in a fair and impartial manner. As published, the policies are to be followed by all faculty, staff and students in the SUNO School of Graduate Studies.