Early Childhood Education

Teacher Natalie for WEB

The Early Childhood Education Program prepares teachers for early childhood PK-3 grades. This

program provides the candidates with the basic knowledge and understanding of young children,

their development, and how to help them become academically successful. The program provides

opportunities to work in schools, under the guidance and supervision of master teachers and

university faculty. Candidates are provided early field experiences in diverse settings as well as

opportunities for clinical practice prior to student teaching. The program requires 180 hours of field

experiences prior to student teaching and 270 clock hours of student teaching. Candidates must

provide their own transportation for clinical experiences and student teaching in schools in the

Greater New Orleans Metropolitan area.


Completers of the program are expected to demonstrate characteristics of Reflective Practitioners for

Global Environments. These attributes include being instructional leaders, continuous assessors,

astute technologists, advocates for diversity and collaboration and reflective professionals.

Candidates seeking teacher certification are required to meet the PRAXIS I (Reading, Writing, and

Mathematics) requirements prior to enrollment in Teacher Education courses at the 300 level (except

for ECED 314: Creative Curriculum and HLTH 320: Health and Nutrition). They are required to pass

PRAXIS II (Content Area) prior to enrollment in Teaching Methods courses and they must pass

PRAXIS II (PLT) prior to enrollment in Student Teaching.


Majors in this program may elect to take courses on-line when offered. Candidates enrolling in online

courses must complete required field experiences and PRAXIS requirements equivalent to those

for on-land candidates.