About Us


The Small Business Development & Management Institute (SBDMI) is located in the College of Business and Public Administration (CBA), Southern University at New Orleans.  The SBDMI was created by the Louisiana State Legislature in 1985 to be housed in the College of Business and has provided invaluable services to many small businesses.

The SBDMI provides high-quality technical assistance to small and emerging businesses in the Greater New Orleans Area and the surrounding parishes through one-on-one counseling, seminars, workshops, entrepreneurial training classes and business outreach and support activities. Additionally, the SBDMI will provide hands on learning through small business development activities between our clients and the CBA faculty and students in entrepreneurship.


The vision of the SBDMI is to position small and emerging businesses to become a vital force in the economic development of this community, and the state of Louisiana by increasing entrepreneurship, empowering businesses through the development of sustained financial strategies, providing education and training for the workforce of the small and emerging businesses and securing procurement opportunities for these businesses.


The mission of the SBDMI is to enhance the economic well being of the citizens of Greater New Orleans and the surrounding region by providing comprehensive, high­-quality technical assistance to existing and potential small businesses, and to promote the formation and growth of small businesses in order to expand and diversify the local and regional economy.