Public Administration



Graduates of the BA-Public Administration program receive a general foundation in the nature of the public workplace and its administrative, political, and legal environments.  Graduates are prepared for professional employment and executive leadership positions in government and non-profit organizations.  The success of our graduates ultimately reflects the quality of education they received at Southern University at New Orleans. Some of the important characteristics that public administrators must possess in order to provide an effective and efficient service to stakeholders include leadership, organizing, planning, motivation, coordination, and communication.  Knowing this, the BA-Public Administration curriculum is designed to prepare students to lead public organizations on the path to success, accountability, and effectiveness.

Currently, the department provides students with opportunities to expand their knowledge through participating in internships, course-based projects, and department/college sponsored events.  Faculty in the department are knowledgeable in their fields, have an interest in the subjects they teach, and have high expectations for students in their courses.  They provide challenging educational environments that allow students to expand their understanding of the course material, have pride in their accomplishments, and be prepared for a challenging and complex public sector.  Furthermore, our faculty is accessible to students through its openness and willingness to assist students seeking to become their best.  Students have an opportunity to develop a rapport with the department faculty who serve as instructors and academic advisers.



The Department of Public Administration provides  an education that equips a predominantly inner-city student body from the Metro New Orleans region with cutting-edge knowledge, professional and research skills, and ethical decision-making abilities essential for successful careers in business, industry, education, government, and for further studies at graduate and professional levels. The Department supports and promotes research and intellectual contributions aimed at improving teaching, business opportunities in the region, and awareness of global issues.