Requirements for MIS – Master of Science


Applicants must submit either the GRE or the GMAT test scores for evaluation.  Students interested in pursuing post-graduate study as well as those who have a high probability of job transfers are strongly encouraged to take the GMAT as a majority of the MS-MIS degrees in the United States require the GMAT score.  For admission into the MS-MIS Program, all applicants must provide the following:  an acceptable GRE score (in some cases, a high GRE may be used to compensate for a low GPA) or an acceptable GMAT score.  Students in the MS-MIS will be expected to complete 36 hours of MGIS course work for graduation.


Foundation courses are for students who do not have at least 15 credit hours of business courses in their earned undergraduate or graduate degrees.  All students must take MGIS 505-Writing for Research in Management Information Systems.  All classes in the MS-MIS Program require students to have a basic understanding of business processes.  For example, students enrolled in the Systems Analysis course are expected to have some knowledge of a payroll system when they are asked to perform an analysis and design an updated system.  Similarly, students enrolled in the Database Management course are expected to have some knowledge of supply chain systems when they are asked to develop the logical as well as physical schema to capture the needed data.  All MS-MIS students should therefore have a working knowledge of the materials contained in the following set of business courses required for undergraduate MGIS majors:

Foundation Courses

Principles of Financial Accounting
Principles of Management
Principles of Finance
Principles of Marketing
Legal Environment of Business

Students are recommended to first complete the foundation courses before taking core courses.