CIS Learning Goals & Objectives

  1.  Student is able to make an ethical decision in a business setting.
    • Student is able to identify ethical principles
    • Student is able to evaluate the situation and justify his or her decisions.

2.   Student is able to apply effective communication skills in a professional environment.

    • Student is able to prepare and deliver an effective business presentation.
    • Student is able to produce well-written documents.

3.  Student is able to understand the role of technology and the process for managing information systems in organizations.

    • Student is able to apply methodologies to design an information system.
    • Student is able to understand project management skills in support of organization needs.


All students admitted into the program are assigned to a primary graduate program advisor. The graduate program advisor provides counseling about prerequisite courses, and core course scheduling. Students also have access to other faculty members as secondary advisors. All  students with non-business related degrees are required to complete a minimum of five undergraduate business foundation courses. Prerequisites and foundation courses can be completed at SUNO or elsewhere.

In order to accommodate part-time as well as full-time students, classes are in the evening, on weekends and online. The MS-CIS program is a commuter friendly program because all classes meet  only once a week.