The Computer Information Systems Department provides education and a degree in the Computer Information Systems that equip a predominantly urban student body, including those from the New Orleans metropolitan area, with knowledge and skills essential for careers in business and government, or for pursuing further studies.


The purpose of the Master of Science Program in Computer Information Systems (MS-CIS) is to integrate information technology with business management. The program is designed to provide students with a strong educational foundation thereby preparing them as Information Systems (IS) professionals. MS-CIS consists of a specifically designed curriculum that emphasizes conceptual, analytical, technical and interpersonal skills.

The MS-CIS program blends theory and practice into a learning experience the develops skills applicable to complex real-world problems. It is designed to give students a thorough knowledge of the field and to provide an enduring foundation for future professional growth. To be successful in the increasingly competitive global marketplace, most corporations are looking for employees that have comprehensive knowledge and training on aligning business management and the information systems function in ways consistent with organizational ethical principles. MS-CIS delivers exactly that. The CIS Department is housed in the College of Business and Public Administration, and has a mission that mirrors the aspirations of the business community.

The MS-CIS curriculum is designed to accommodate both individuals  holding undergraduate management-related degrees and other professionals who may have non-management-related baccalaureate degrees.