Business Administration


Our vision is to create a unique, dynamic, and vibrant Business Administration program that will significantly contribute to the economic and social development of the post-Katrina New Orleans area by providing ethically sensitive, cutting-edge training for entrepreneurs to take advantage of business opportunities in areas where New Orleans has a comparative advantage.  We envision fully integrating the activities of the program with the operations of the SUNO Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in such a way as to have a powerful impact on clients of the SBDC and Small Business Development and Management Institute (SBDMI) and, therefore, business development in the New Orleans area.


The vision will be achieved by:

  1. Providing students with solid training in management education.
    Fully implementing the business education standards established by AACSB International will be one way of assuring that the management training is first rate.   Among other things, this entails recruiting and retaining a first rate faculty that satisfy AACSB Faculty Standards and putting in place processes that result in Assurance of Learning and Continuous Improvement.  This will make for a first rate and dynamic program.
  2. Training students thoroughly in how to develop and implement a business plan.
    The business plans developed will result in the creation of an actual business.  This may be done in teams.
  3. Faculty of the College engaging in research to identify the areas of New Orleans comparative advantage.



The Business Administration Department provides an education that equips students with cutting-edge knowledge, professional and research skills, and ethical decision-making abilities essential for successful careers in business, industry, education, government, and for further studies at graduate and professional levels. The Department supports and promotes research and intellectual contributions aimed at improving teaching, business opportunities in the region, and awareness of global issues.