Instruction in this curriculum is designed to lead to the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. The field of Sociology is concerned with the systematic and scientific study of the social dimensions of human life and social living – how human behavior is patterned through personal and interpersonal relations and social organizations. A major and minor program in Sociology is offered.


A major in Sociology consists of Sociology 210, 320, 347, 348, 482, 491, and fifteen (15) hours of electives in Sociology, for a total ofthirty-six (36) hours.


A minor in Sociology consists of 210 and fifteen (15) semester hours of elective Sociology courses.


Major in Sociology: Required Courses: Credit hours 36


Students must complete the following requirements for a major in sociology: HRS
SOCL 210 Introduction to Sociology 3
SOCL 320 Sociology of Race, Gender & Class 3
SOCL 347 Quantitative Research Methods (Descriptive statistics) 3
SOCL 348 Qualitative Research Methods 3
SOCL 482 Sociological Theory 3
CMIS 164 Computer Literacy/SPSS Statistical Software 3
SOCL 491 Senior Thesis 3
Total number of required credits 21
Sociology Electives 15
Total number of credits needed for a major in Sociology 36


Students must complete the following requirements for a minor in sociology:


A minimum of 18 credit hours in sociology
SOCL 210 Introduction to Sociology
SOCL 482 Sociological Theory
Twelve (12) hours of sociology courses of which nine (9) hours must be numbered 300 or higher.


Concentration/Specialized Minor in Race, Gender and Class Studies


RGC Studies at SUNO is a unique interdisciplinary, available through the College of Arts and Social Sciences that explores the issues of RGC across academic disciplines. Students in this concentration are expected to master the concepts and theories relating to race, gender and class issues in global and U.S. capitalist society.


Concentration in RGC Studies: Required Courses in Sociology


Students must complete the following additional requirements for a concentration or minor in RGC Studies: HRS
SOCL 320 Sociology of Race, Gender and Class 3
SOCL 346 Sociology of Race and Ethnicity 3
SOCL 372 Sociology of Gender 3
SOCL 482 Sociological Theory 3
Elective courses from Recommended Courses in Other Departments 9
Total: 21
Recommended Courses in Other Departments: HRS
CRMJ 417 Women and Crime 3
ENGL 255 African American Literature I 3
ENGL 256 African American Literature II 3
HIST 351 African American History before 1865 3
HIST 352 African American History since 1865 3
HIST 371 Women in American History 3
POLI 310 African American Politics 3
POLI 390 Dynamics of African American Leadership 3
PSYC 344 Seminar in Black Psychology 3
SOWK 270 Institutional Racism in the U.S. 3
SOWK 440 Human Sexuality 3
SOWK 445 Family Violence 3