Faculty & Staff


John Penny, Ph. D., Th. D.
Chair, Department of Social Sciences and Professor

Park Campus

Multipurpose 232

(504) 284-5404

Areas of interest: Juvenile Justice, Corrections, and Criminology.


Placeholder Atty. Harry Cantrell, Jr.Assistant Professor

Park Campus

Multipurpose 224

(504) 286-5159

Esmail Dr. Ashraf EsmailAssistant Professor

Park Campus

Multipurpose 227

(504) 286-5138


Areas of interest: Juvenile Justice, Criminology, Deviance, and Social Problems.

Placeholder Dr. Geraldine Doucet
Associate Professor
Park CampusMultipurpose 230
Phone: (504) 286-5248


Areas of interest: Juvenile Justice, Corrections, and Criminology

Placeholder Dr. Ronald PedroAssistant Professor

Lake Campus 30A

(504) 286-5156


Ph.D.: University of Southern Mississippi

Placeholder Dr. Angela K. StoutAssociate Professor

Park Campus

Multipurpose 230

(504) 286-5156


Areas of interest:  Law and Society, Social Protest/Political Movement, Criminological Theory, Crime and Deviance

Placeholder Karen RogersAdministrative Assistant, Social Sciences

Park Campus

Multipurpose 230

(504) 284-5478