A major in Criminal Justice requires a minimum of thirty-seven (37) credit hours including Criminal Justice 110, 210, 220, 310, 320, 330, 410, 415, 430, and 492S and nine (9) hours of Criminal Justice electives. At least 18 credit hours of criminal justice courses must be completed in residence at Southern University at New Orleans in order to graduate. In addition, majors must receive a grade of “C” or better in all criminal justice courses.
A minor in Criminal Justice requires the completion of the following eighteen (18) credit hours:  Criminal Justice 110, 210, 220, 310, 410 and a three credit hour criminal justice elective.


Check Sheet (PDF)


NOTE: Southern University at New Orleans offers all Criminal Justice courses minus Research Methods and their general core requirements online at least once a year.  This provides students an opportunity to take most of their courses online in order to obtain their degree.   For more information call Dr. Ashraf Esmail at 504-286-5158 or