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Bachelor of Science, CRIMINAL JUSTICE

Criminal Justice provides students a thorough knowledge of the nature and operation of the Criminal Justice System. It includes courses in the following core areas as well as specialized electives: criminal justice and juvenile justice processes (law, crime, and administration of justice); criminology (the causes of crime, typologies, offenders, and victims); law enforcement (police organization, discretion, subculture, and legal constraints), law adjudication (criminal law, criminal procedure, prosecution, defense, and court procedures and decision-making), and corrections (incarceration, community-based corrections, and treatment of offenders).


The program introduces concepts related to legal, legislative, and social processes and how they influence the criminal justice system. The program further addresses current methods in criminal justice processes and analyzes their strengths and weaknesses.



Political Science stimulates students to attain a higher level of responsibility, sensitivity and awareness with respect to current political and social issues as well as familiarity with the policies and functions of American government at the federal, state and local levels.  The training, which has both theoretical and practical dimensions, is designed to equip its graduates for gainful employment in both the public and private sectors of our society and preparing students for graduate and professional schools.


Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

Psychology conducts a comprehensive study of human behavior and mental processes. The program gives the student an intensive look at the various theories that examine human behavior. The program is ideal for the student who seeks to be a problem solver, particularly in post-Katrina New Orleans where mental health has become a frontline issue among those who experienced Katrina, first hand.


Bachelor of Arts, SOCIOLOGY

Sociology offers the SUNO student a prime opportunity to study human social behavior by looking at the origins, organization, institutions and development of human society. A sociology major will delve into areas such as social structure, social institutions, social class, social groups, and social interaction.



Addictive Behaviors Counseling and Prevention provides information on advances in the field of addiction counseling, and the program also seeks to increase the number of professionals. Southern University at New Orleans students will be able to effectively address issues that are directly related to substance abuse in the Greater New Orleans area as well as communities around the globe.