Terminated Spring 2006

No new students are being accepted in this program.

Southern University at New Orleans awards the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Chemistry.  Chemistry offers courses to meet chemistry requirements in programs within the Department of Natural Sciences as well as courses to meet the science component of the general University requirements.  The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of those who desire to continue their education in graduate school, pursue a career at the bachelor’s level, or those who need chemistry as an adjunct to their professional pursuits.


A major in Chemistry consists of 121 credit hours of which 48 are chemistry.  Further, all majors are required to take:


  • Chemistry – Chemistry 111/111L, Chemistry 112/112L, Chemistry 241/ 241L, Chemistry 242/ 242L, Chemistry 251, Chemistry 351/351L, Chemistry 362/362L, Chemistry 411/411L, Chemistry 412, Chemistry 492S, and six (6) credit hours of Chemistry electives.
  • Mathematics – Mathematics 290, Mathematics 291, Mathematics 292 and Mathematics 360 or 390.
  • Physics – Physics 211/211L and Physics 222/222L.
  • English – English 203 and English 260.
  • Speech – Speech 210.
  • Six (6) credit hours of general electives which requires at least 3 credits hours must be numbered 200, or above.


A minor in Chemistry shall consist of a minimum of twenty-five (25) credit hours in Chemistry. Class work shall consist of: Chemistry 111/111L, 112/112L, 241/241L, 242/242L, and 351/351L.


Entering students who intend to major in Chemistry should take Chemistry 111/111L as their first chemistry course (Chemistry majors cannot receive credit for Chemistry 101/101L). Likewise, students should take Math 161 (not Math 118 unless placed there by testing) and Biology 124 (not Biology 105-106). Students should not begin Chemistry 111/111L until they have successfully completed any remedial English or Mathematics. Any student contemplating chemistry major should contact the Unit to schedule a meeting with one of the faculty prior to registration.