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The Biology Unit is committed to recruiting, training and educating students to meet the challenges of the 21st century in the biological and biomedical sciences. The Unit supports the mission of the University to create and maintain an environment conducive to learning and growth. It continues to implement programs and procedures that will facilitate the retention and nurturing of biology majors during their matriculation at SUNO.


The University awards the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Biology. The Biology Unit has an open-door policy for entry as a Biology major. After completion of the sophomore year, the student must have at least a 2.5 GPA in the science courses and a 2.0 overall GPA. All courses receiving less than a C should be retaken. Continuous repetition of classes and repeated withdrawal (W) from classes are strongly discouraged. It is strongly recommended that the students follow the outlined curriculum in biology in sequence as they matriculate in the Unit.


The Bachelor of Science degree, with a major in Biology, is awarded when a student satisfies a minimum of 37 credit hours in Biology courses, including the equivalent laboratory courses, above 124/124L and 125/125L, and the General Education and University Requirements. The hours in Biology include: Biology 100, 204/204L or 205/205L, 217/217L, 302/302L, 324/324L, 494, 495, 496 (Senior Comprehensive – 0 credit hours), and sixteen (16) hours of Biology electives.


A minor in Biology is earned by completing eighteen (18) credit hours above Biology 124 and 125.


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