How long does it take to complete the Museum Studies program?

For a student attending full-time, four semesters.


Can I take all the classes online?

The program may be completed online.  The Internships, course fieldtrips, and final project may be done in museums where the student lives.  “Blackboard” is used for online course work.


Since I live in New Orleans, can I take all my classes on ground?

Yes.  Most students in the program choose to attend on campus classes.  They may occasionally sign up for an online class if it conflicts with their work schedules.  All classes are offered in the evening and on Saturday.


What kind of career does the program prepare students for?

Graduates of the program have found positions as Curators in museums, Directors of small museums, Education Curators, Consultants to museums and non-profits, Teachers with a better understanding of the educational uses of museums,  an Archival position in the public library, and other museum staff positions.


How many museums exist locally, regionally, and nationally?

If you do an internet search New Orleans Museums, Louisiana State Museums, and U.S. Museums, you will be surprised at how many museums come up.  And those are only the major ones.  Dr. Timothy Ryan did a study about a decade ago where he found that arts tourism brought more travelers to cities than sports events.