General Studies


Dr. Mary Vaughn


Park Campus

Multipurpose 249

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The General Studies Program, housed in the College of Arts and Sciences, offers a unique degree that provides students flexibility to customize their degrees in an academic program by selecting areas of concentration and minors that combine basic skills with specific areas of study.   While adhering to high academic standards, students enjoy the opportunity to have input designing an academic program to fit their respective career plans and interests that prepares them for success in the workplace.  By enrolling in the General Studies Program, students may pursue a Bachelor of General Studies Degree that consists of a science or non-science concentration in the following areas:


African American Studies Natural Science Fine Arts
Political Science Humanities History
English Business Social Science



Students electing a concentration in any of these areas will complete a total of 120 credit hours; 30 credit hours in one of the concentration areas that will include a mix of basic and 300 and 400 upper-level courses.  Some courses are offered through the distance learning program, while others may be taken at the Park and Lake Campuses.


Other areas of study are frequently being added to the array of program choices.  If a student is interested in selecting an area of concentration that is not listed above, he or she may make a formal request to the Director of the General Studies Program for consideration and final approval by the appropriate Department Head, Dean of Arts and Sciences and the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.


The General Studies Program, in collaboration with other offices and academic departments at SUNO, offer enrolled students a variety of academic support services designed to improve their academic performance and enhance their total educational experience. It is our desire to assist the student in developing as a professional; making them more marketable in the workplace.


These services include a variety of workshops and seminars that are made available to students throughout the academic year utilizing graduate and professionals with expertise in the following areas:


  • Time Management—It Works!
  • Memory Skills
  • Motivating Yourself Toward Success
  • Managing Your Budget Finances
  • Valuing Diversity in the Workplace/Preparing for a Global Society
  • Leadership Development—Are Leaders Born or Made?
  • The Benefits of Positive Thinking
  • Developing as a Professional—Making Stress Work for You
  • You’re Reading…What?
  • Critical Thinking—Problem Solving
  • Why Should I Pursue a Graduate Degree?
  • Going for Your Goals
  • How to Earn an “A”
  • Navigating Textbooks
  • Note-Taking
  • Stop Procrastination!
  • Successful Study Methods
  • Taking Essay Exams
  • Multiple Choice Exams
  • Test Preparation