The principal objective of the History degree program is to provide the university student with a broad liberal arts background in order to become an active contributor to modern global society. It forms the core component of a liberal arts education in the university.  With a history degree, African-American students in the local community and across the country will be equipped with a powerful foundation of liberal arts education to enable options in pursuing graduate education in any field of study, including medicine, liberal arts, and the arts. In addition, the program provides training for potential high school teachers who want to focus on the social sciences and humanities. Most history majors from Southern University at New Orleans go on to graduate or professional schools.


The undergraduate program in history seeks to develop:


  • Effective learning and reasoning skills
  • Understanding of some of the various areas of history, including historiography and methodology.
  • Career-Transferable Skills: transferable, functional abilities that are required in many different problem-solving and task-oriented situations such as –


    • Information management skills
    • Design and planning skills
    • Research and investigation skills
    • Communication skills
    • Human relations and interpersonal skills
    • Critical thinking skills
    • Management and administration skills