Foreign Languages/Spanish

B. A. Degree Terminated Effective Spring 2006

The Foreign Languages program currently offers general education courses in Spanish.  The purpose of the Department is to offer professional training in foreign languages, mainly Spanish and French, and to service those departments that have a foreign language requirement.  French courses that may satisfy general education requirements in certain disciplines will be offered beginning Spring 2009.

Educational Goals:

  • To introduce students to languages other than English and to the cultural areas where these languages are spoken.
  • To offer a program of courses that will prepare students to teach Spanish or French in the schools.
  • To prepare students who desire a liberal arts education in Spanish.


Information on the Spanish major and minor is being retained for purposes of future reference.  A Spanish major in the College of Arts and Social Sciences must complete thirty-six (36) hours including Spanish 101 and 102 for a B.A. degree.

A minor in Spanish consists of eighteen (18) hours including 101 and 102.  Spanish 211, 222, 350, and 360 are required to meet the minor requirements.

Entrance requirements for all students in a foreign language program include a C average in the four basic courses:  101, 102, 211, 222. Students must demonstrate an interest in Hispanic culture and a commitment to travel abroad. The exit requirements for Spanish majors consist of:  a minimum 2.0 average for all major courses and passing a written departmental test.

It is recommended that all students in the elementary courses attend the Language Laboratory and/or the Learning Resource Center as directed by the instructor and prescribed by the Department.  Any foreign language requirement must be satisfied in the same language and courses must be taken in sequential order and only one course per semester, 101,102, 211, and 222/223.   This means that 101 must be completed before taking 102, 102 before taking 211, and 211 before taking 222 or 223.

In some cases students can be allowed to take SPAN 211 and SPAN 222 the same semester.  SPAN 211 is usually offered in the Fall, and 222/223 in the Spring.  Students who minor or major in Spanish can take SPAN 222 and SPAN 350 or 360 concurrently.  Students may test out of SPAN 101, 102 and 211 upon recommendation of a Foreign Language instructor or the Chair of the Department.  Courses beyond 222 are designed for majors and minors.  Enrollment in these courses is by departmental approval only.  Students whose native language is Spanish must satisfy their foreign language requirement in a language other than their own, or take courses above 300 level in their native language.  This must be done only after consultation with the Foreign Language department Chair and the College of Arts and Sciences Dean.