1. Students should gain command of interwoven language functions consisting of:
    • Oral language
    • Written language
    • Visual language
  2. Students should develop literacy in English that will help them to become competent, effective and critical users of the language.
  3. Students should develop the ability to control literacy in the two important areas of Functional Literacy and Critical Literacy:


a. Functional Literacy involves:

  • The ability to control and understand the conventions of English that are valued by the society.
  • The ability to communicate ideas, feelings and attitudes
  • The ability to explore and develop ideas.
  • The ability to handle the ever more complex communication processes of our time.

b. Critical Literacy involves:

  • The ability to understand that effective communication depends upon context, purpose and audience.
  • The ability to understand language as a dynamic process in society.
  • An appreciation of socio-cultural diversity