Norbert R. Davidson


Park Campus

Multipurpose 208

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The undergraduate program in English intends to provide a course of study that offers a rigorous basis for intellectual growth and helps to prepare students for varied careers in an increasingly demanding workplace.  It also prepares students for further academic study through a curriculum that encourages independent thinking, attentive analysis, as well as critical and creative oral and written communication skills.

In addition to effective critical thinking, analytical, research and discussion skills, the program endeavors to develop an understanding of fiction and non-fiction writing and the uses of language.  It also develops career-transferable preparation for a variety of dynamic fields n today’s society, including: politics, publishing, marketing, law, education journalism, mass communications, technical and scientific writing, creative writing an public relations.

Students majoring in English can expect to gain command of interwoven language functions consisting of

  • Oral language
  • Written language
  • Visual languag


Thus, it is the program’s objective that students will develop literacy in English that will assist them in becoming competent, effective and critical users of the language, as well as enhance their ability to control literacy in two important areas:  Functional Literacy and Critical Literacy.

   Functional Literacy involves the ability to control and understand the conventions of English that are valued by society; the ability to communicate ideas, feelings and attitudes; the ability to explore and develop ideas; and the ability to cope with today’s ever more complex communication process.

   Critical Literacy involves the ability to understand that effective communication depends upon context, purpose and audience; the ability to understand language as a dynamic process within society; and an appreciation of socio-cultural diversity.