Arts & Humanities


Arts and Humanities houses English, Fine Arts, Geography, History, African-American Studies, Philosophy, Music, Spanish and Communication.  Under the post-Katrina modifications, these disciplines, with the exception of History and English, function as service programs fulfilling general academic requirements for majors of other degree-granting departments.

African-American Studies, Political Science, Social Science, Humanities and Business are approved as concentration areas in the General Studies degree program. Students electing concentration in any of these areas will take thirty (30) credit hours or ten courses in the concentration area which will include a mix of basic and 300 and 400 upper-level courses.  The department of Arts & Humanities has been developing online courses in several of its disciplines, including History, Fine Arts, English, Humanities, and Print Journalism for accommodating distance-learning and the needs of storm-displaced, out-of-state students.