Academic Affairs

David Adegboye for WEBDr. David Adegboye


Vice Chancellor & Accreditation Liaison

Bashful Administration Building, Room 158

504- 286-5381 Main

504-284-5400 Fax

The Office of Academic Affairs aims to support the University’s mission to “create and maintain an environment conducive to learning and growth, to promote the upward mobility of diverse populations by preparing them to enter into new as well as traditional careers, and to equip them to function optimally in the mainstream of the global society.”


We are here to serve as a resource for students as well as faculty.  We encourage students to work with us in creating a thriving academic environment at SUNO.  We invite our faculty to communicate with us in order to maximize development opportunities and to also prepare our most precious resource, our students, for leadership in communities throughout the world.


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