About SUNO


Southern University at New Orleans primarily serves the educational and cultural needs of the Greater New Orleans metropolitan area.  As a public, historically black university, SUNO creates and maintains an environment conducive to learning and growth as well as promotes the upward mobility of a diverse population of both traditional and nontraditional students through quality academic programs and service to achieve excellence in higher education.


ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE Ensuring that our students are prepared for the 21st century by offering challenging and well-rounded curricula and creating high standards of achievement for student and faculty alike.

ACCOUNTABILITY Practicing accountability is a value that SUNO works to instill through all units of the University.  We acknowledge and assume responsibility for our actions, decisions and each other.  Accountability can only exist where there are proper accounting practices and we are committed to creating and enacting such.

INTEGRITY Exhibiting integrity through consistency in our values, methods, principles, expectations and outcomes.  This value is directly linked to our accountability to each other and to SUNO.

TRANSPARENCY As part of our responsibility to our stakeholders, we must ensure that our business and educational practices are open and available for review.  Transparency is essential in building trust.

SERVICE Part of our institutional responsibility is the development of citizenship in our student body.  That comes through a deep commitment to service in our community.  Service benefits both the giver and the recipient.

RESILIENCY We have faced hardship and turmoil and still we fight on.  SUNO develops the ability for students to exhibit resiliency by teaching them how to better interact with a difficult environment and process information to make good and productive choices.  Not just a coping mechanism, resiliency sustains us in times of adversity.