Langston Terrel

2011-2012 President

Lake Campus 21A

(504) 286-5353


The SUNO Student Government Association is the largest and most prominent student organization on campus. SGA represents SUNO students in matters pertaining to student welfare, activities, and participation in University affairs, planning, and administration. The SGA also initiates and integrates student activities and serves as liaison between the administration and the student body.


Students are assessed an SGA fee which is included in tuition at the time of enrollment. Therefore, all students who are enrolled in the University are automatically members of the organization. The SGA also administers a loan program which grants financial assistance to students of SUNO in meeting emergencies.


Funding for the loan program is generated from student assessed fees included in each student’s tuition at the time of enrollment. Thus, all students enrolled at the University are eligible to participate in the loan program. The loans are processed and serviced by the SGA following specific guidelines that are developed by the organization. All SGA loans must be approved by the Director of Financial Aid and the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.