Paragraphs, Tabs, & Spaces

  • Word inserts a paragraph mark each time you press ENTER to start a new paragraph. In the picture, there's an extra paragraph mark between the two paragraphs, which means that ENTER was pressed twice. This creates extra space. Deleting the extra paragraph mark will get rid of the extra space between the paragraphs.
  • One arrow appears each time TAB is pressed. The two arrows in the second paragraph indicates that TAB was pressed twice.
  • Dots show how many times you press the SPACEBAR between each word.  One dot is one space; two dots are two spaces.
  • The Dots that appear to indicate a space is different from periods at the ends of sentences. Periods are on the bottom of the line. Dots are higher up, toward the middle of the line.   The dots will not print but the periods you place at the end of a sentence will print.