The Honors Program attracts and mentors promising high-achieving students seeking advanced study during their undergraduate career at Southern University at New Orleans. The honors’ curricula are coordinated across undergraduate academic units.  Courses offered are carefully developed and sequenced, not only in terms of skill development, but also in terms of integration with other programs.  Honors courses sections may be offered or built from and into other courses at the University, while also contributing to integrative learning in all majors.  In addition, the Honors Program is characterized by active engagement within small classes and which facilitates applied learning, open dialogue, and shared inquiry. Small classes provide the optimum setting for academic debate and philosophical disagreement, in a context of mutual respect.


The Honors Program aligns favorably with the mission of the University. Even as the traditional role of this University endures and inspires, what is changing is the nature and speed of our response to the emerging economic and demographic trends of the city as it emerges from the ruins of 2005.


The broad goals of this program are to increase opportunities for student access and success, to develop a sequence of integrated courses, characterized by active engagement, open dialogue, shared inquiry and applied learning; and to develop a competitive culture based in research and inquiry.

Admissions Requirements

Selection: The Honors Program will admit students whose scholastic performance and abilities demonstrate an active approach to learning and the potential for academic growth.  Selection decisions will be based upon the academic record of students graduating with Regents/TOPS Core Curriculum or LA CORE 4 Academic endorsement, the ACT/SAT, the candidate’s writing skills as demonstrated through an original writing sample, school and community involvement, capacity of leadership and the ability to benefit from an honors education.

Academic Preparation: Qualified applicants for admission will have a minimum of 19 academic units in high school, including the following subjects: English (4 units) mathematics (4units) social studies (4(units), natural sciences (4 units), foreign language (2 units, same language) and electives (4 units)

Grade Point Average Requirement:  Applicants are required to have a high school cumulative average of B or better.

Test Score Requirement: Applicants must score a minimum ACT Composite score of 21 or SAT equivalent is required for consideration.

Recommendation: Applicants are required to submit two recommendation forms with the application. At least one should be from a counselor or teacher

Writing Sample:  The writing sample should be a 250-300 word essay written for a recent class. The original work with grade, teacher comments, teacher’s comments, teacher signature, and date must be submitted. The writing sample should reveal effective communication and critical thinking skills. It is preferred that the sample come from an English, social studies or natural science class.

Résumé:  Applicants are required to submit a current resume  of their scholarship and academic performance, philosophy about learning,  extracurricular activities, community involvement, honors and awards, and employment, if applicable.

Students Currently Enrolled In the University and Transfer Students*


  1. Minimum overall grade point average of 3.25 in work undertaken at the university or college level*
  2. Continuing freshman, sophomore standing, juniors and seniors who meet ACT and GPA criteria may apply and be admitted to the Honors Program (a transfer student who previously participated in a honors program at another university may receive credit for honors work completed).


*policy subject to change upon review of academic committee