Interdisciplinary Minor in African American Studies


African American Studies minor provides an interdisciplinary study of the Black experience in Africa and the Americas. The minor is designed to bring together students from diverse backgrounds and curricula who share a common interest in the global experience of African people. It is intended for students interested in exploring aspects of the Black Experience in ways that relate to their own major field of study. Students who declare a minor in Africana Studies need to complete 18 credit hours of course work covering at least two different disciplines and including four required courses: African American History (HIST 351), African American History 352), History of Africa (HIST 354), and Introduction to African and African American Studies (HUMA 110).


  • Completion of 18 credit hours
  • A minimum grade of C (2.00) or better must be achieved in each course counting towards the minor.

Required Courses (12 credit hours)

  • African American History (HIST 351)
  • African American History (HIST 352)
  • History of Africa (HIST 354)
  • Introduction to African and African American Studies (HUMA 110)

Elective Courses

Category A: Three hours may be selected from the following 100 or 200 level courses or other approved courses from various departments in consultation with program director. (ENGL 255, ENGL 256, ENGL 257, EDGN 276, ENGL 258, MUSC 244, SOCL 221, HUMA 314, HUMA 315, GEO 111, SOWK 270)

Category B: Three hours selected from upper division courses in consultation with program director (FIAR 354, FIAR 450, FAIR 489, FREN 440, HIST 306, HIST 351, HIST 352, HIST 354, HIST 355, HIST 356, HIST 359, HIST 375, HIST 405, HIST 407, HIST 409, HIST 411, HIST 412, HIST 416, HIST 470, HIST 475, HUMA 451, HUMA 453, INTL 460, PHIL 314, POLI Sc. 310, POLI 390, POLI 430, POLI 432, PSYC 344, SOCL 320, SOCL 340, SOCL 346). The sequence of lower- and upper-division courses gives the student a well-balanced analysis of the varied aspects of the Black past.