Gloria Moultrie

Gloria B. Moultrie
Vice Chancellor

Park Campus

Administration 312
(504) 286-5341 Main

(504) 284-5525 Fax


Southern University at New Orleans is facing exciting days ahead!  When you visit our campus, either in person or by way of the world wide web, you will see that we are developing our Lake Campus and filling the buildings of the Park Campus again with life.  None of this would be possible without support from our alumni, surrounding communities, the business community, our partners in the academic community and you. 


To our alumni, we look forward to maintaining contact with you to build a better SUNO.  To our Pontchartrain Park and Gentilly Woods neighbors, we look forward to building a stronger community than ever with you.  Of course, those of you in the business community know how valuable your contributions to Southern University at New Orleans have been.  Please know that we are only a phone call away.


Warmest Regards,
Gloria Bartley Moultrie


About Community Outreach/University Advancement

The Office of Community Outreach/University Advancement serves to communicate activities, events, initiatives and programs of Southern University at New Orleans to the University community and external public.  It is also the fundraising arm of SUNO, coordinating, planning and implementing activities of the University, primarily through the Southern University at New Orleans Foundation.  Public service projects and activities of mutual benefit to the campus and the community are promoted through collaborative partnerships throughout the metropolitan New Orleans area.  Finally, the office encourages the support of alumni through advocacy and goodwill.


Denise Scipio Administrative Assistant
Nicole Bajoie-Ford Program Director, Economic & Urban Tourism
Michelle Briscoe-Long Director, General Services
Eddie Francis Interim Director, Public Relations
Mary Ann Francois Coordinator, Community Outreach
Joel George Director, Safety & Transportation
Mike Meehan Coordinator, Satellite Telecommunications/Network Interface
Ira Thomas Chief, SUNO Police Department